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AARP Insights & Action: The Longevity Opportunity

"Helping global employers adapt their workplace practices to capitalize on this trend is imperative if we are to unlock this future workforce potential – what I call the longevity opportunity. "more

Putting People at the Center: The OECD’s I Am the Future of Work Campaign

"... we have felt the need to remind both ourselves and the countries we serve of the human beings and the lives behind the numbers, putting real people at the center of the debate."more

The Future of Work and the Experience Advantage

Out of this reality, as we move from the third to the fourth industrial revolution, comes a silver lining for our increasingly seasoned workforce: the tacit knowledge advantage of wisdom.more

Building Innovative Multigenerational Teams in an Aging World

"As the employee career span lengthens, this significant demographic change presents employers with a brand-new opportunity to reimagine the workforce of the future."more

Instead of Workers’ Age Alone, Let’s Focus on Their GATE: Generation, Age, Tenure, Experience

"This GATE framework takes a more comprehensive look at 50+ employees, helping to avoid stereotypes and misconceptions."more