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A Model Pension Scheme in Africa

  • By: Charles Knox-Vydmanov
  • January 01, 2017

"An assessment of the impact in Zanzibar is still ongoing, but initial discussions with older people suggest that the scheme is having a substantial positive impact on older people and their families."

Bleu, Blanc, Rouge — et Argenté!

  • By: Pascale Boistard
  • January 01, 2017

"Society must adapt to be inclusive of seniors—they are the backbone of our social and civic fabric, especially considering their essential contributions to family solidarity."

Designing for Social Impact

  • By: Burak Cakmak
  • January 01, 2017

"Because fashion is so intimately bound with questions related to the body, fashion design programs have a unique opportunity to go into depth to create garments for those with functional and physical limitations."

Disrupt Aging: The Global Imperative

  • By: Jo Ann C. Jenkins
  • January 01, 2017

" is time to coalesce around the progress we have made and create a movement to “disrupt aging”—that is, to change the conversation about what it means to grow older."

Economic Empowerment of Older Women

  • By: Cathy Russell
  • January 01, 2017

"Increasing women’s economic participation at every phase of their lives strengthens prospects for economic growth."

Family Caregivers: Recognizing Their Value and Taking Action

  • By: Eric Schneidewind
  • January 01, 2017

"Family and friends are the backbone of America’s care system – and of caregiving worldwide."

From the Editor - 2017 Print Edition

  • By: Josh Collett
  • January 01, 2017

"We need to empower people as they age to help shape our future, for them and the generations to follow."

Global Goals and Personal Goals

  • By: Richard Curtis
  • January 01, 2017

"So now, in the evening of my life, I’ve decided to dedicate as much of my time as possible to trying to make the sequel to the MDGs famous and thereby help ensure they are financed and effective."

Los Angeles Ages Into Excellence

  • By: Eric Garcetti
  • January 01, 2017

"All of these efforts are moving us forward in a city where older adults are already treasured and active participants in our civic landscape."

Redesigning the Course of Our Lives

  • By: Debra B Whitman
  • January 01, 2017

"Instead of a straight line from education to work to retirement, imagine a life course with loops and curves, as phases shift back and forth, sometimes repeating or overlapping in different ways."

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