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The Journal: Aging in Japan video

Japanese individuals and organizations are adjusting to the new normal of this super-aged society and embracing longevity.

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Kotoen - An Innovative Model for Intergenerational Care

Kotoen, located on the outskirts of Tokyo, is an innovative model for intergenerational care. It’s known as a yoro shisetsu, a combined child care center and nursing home.


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Transforming Traditions in Japan

The traditions, the complex and highly specialized knowledge, the art and craft of production—much of that is housed within the older generation. As the population continues to rapidly age, and the number of young people willing to pursue these careers dwindles, traditional industries must find ways to address the demographic change.


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Age-Friendly Akita

Led by a progressive mayor, Akita City positioned itself early on as an age-friendly leader in Japan. A special team at City Hall is dedicated to just this—creating a better, more livable place for people of all ages.


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Beauty Power

 A story of the innovative Yamano school in Japan - which teach the young that beauty applies to any age.


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