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Melody - The App That's a Doctor's Consultant

The World Health Organization estimates that there will be a shortage of nearly 13 million doctors over the course of the next two decades as our population ages and medical services become more and more necessary. Chinese research company Baidu has a solution for this problem, and it’s called Melody. Melody is a robotic health care helper with a complex form of built-in artificial intelligence that is meant to serve as an aid for doctors when making diagnoses and a first reference for patients who are feeling ill.   Learn More


Ropits - Hitachi's Self Driving Car

Exciting new technology is emerging out of Japan that would give seniors the ability to be mobile essentially whenever they please, with greater ease than ever. Hitachi has developed a robotic self-driving car that is able to navigate autonomously through the help of lasers, GPS, and cameras. This self-driving car would give those who cannot drive or navigate as easily as they would like the freedom to do so in a safe and useful manner. Named, ROPITS (Robot for Personal Intelligent Transportation System), this self-driving car has been deemed a “mobility support robot” by Hitachi and is designed for a single passenger.   Learn More


Dinsow: The Elder Care Robot that Could.

Care and companionship are not the first two things that most of us think of when we think of robots. However, Thai manufacturer CT Asia Robotics is changing that mindset and making a hefty profit doing so. The company’s elder care robot Dinsow is designed to assist older adults in multiple areas of their lives.   Learn More


Into D’mentia Simulation Aims to Improve Dementia Care Globally

Dementia caregivers often have difficulty understanding what their patients experience, which adds to caregivers’ work stress. An innovative project in the Netherlands may provide a solution. A team from Minase Consulting has created Into D’mentia, a unique interactive simulation of what it’s like to have dementia.   Learn More