Equity by Design

As we emerge from a tragic pandemic, let’s catalyze action among professionals in the fields that shape the physical housing and communities where we live, enabling every resident to thrive.

Equity by Design:

  • prioritizes housing and communities that are safe, affordable, and facilitate multigenerational interaction;
  • fosters enabling design that meets the physical, sensory, emotional, social, behavioral, mobility, and health needs across the lifespan;
  • directly addresses inequities toward BIPOC communities that have led to disparities in health, wealth and wellbeing;
  • includes: a set of guiding principles by and for professionals in the built environment sector; recordings and insight blogs from a virtual dialogue series with world-wide experts; a growing list of helpful resources; and soon case studies of innovations that are moving the needle on the ground. 

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Equity by Design Global Dialogue Series

Equity by Design Global Dialogue Series

AARP’s Equity by Design global dialogues brought together experts with very diverse perspectives on the built environment guiding principles—from activist architects and urban planners, private and community developers, and leading academics, to a current State Housing Commissioner, a former US-HUD Secretary, and current and former UN representatives. Dr. Bill Thomas moderated solutions-oriented conversations that engaged thousands of built environment professionals from around the world and generated insights that are applicable across geographic boundaries.

Equity by Design Principles in Action

Equity by Design Principles in Action

Through Principles in Action we will share case studies of innovations that are moving the needle on the ground—from unique ways to redress inequities and engage the public in participatory planning, to innovative housing and community models large and small.

Social engagements around each case study provide opportunities to dig deeper on these innovations by conversing with the principal/s behind the work

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Join our Community of Practice on LinkedIn

Be sure to join the Equity by Design group on LinkedIn where you can engage with other practitioners on what it takes to create a more equitable, inclusive, and age-friendly built environment.

"The window that COVID-19 has pried open presents an opportunity to address and transcend the functional consequences of segregation, and to develop and implement a community integration strategy based on the enduring value of healthy, diverse and enabling communities."
A sponsored column for ASA Generations Today

Creating Enabling & Equitable Housing and Multigenerational Communities
This webinar presented the 8 principles to inform the work of planners, architects, developers, and real estate professionals, and other local stakeholders who advocate for communities that are livable for all.

Equity by Design: Redefining “Senior Living”
A Conversation with Stephanie Firestone, Esther Greenhouse, and Dr. Bill Thomas

"When we design for the oldest and youngest generations, ultimately, we all benefit. With this in mind, every industry should seek to design for, entice, and delight the new aging consumer."


“The thinking and process behind the development of AARP’s Principles for Creating Enabling & Equitable Housing and Multigenerational Communities were instrumental in inspiring and informing PHEAL.”

Collaborating Organizations

We thank the following collaborators on this series who are helping us reach the widest possible audience in the built environment sector, from policy to practice to academia and beyond.

For more information about AARP's Equity by Design work, contact: 
Stephanie K. Firestone
, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor for Health and Age-Friendly Communites, AARP International.