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Why are digital skills critical for older persons? CSocD56 Side Event, 2 February 2018.

How can we invest in life‐long learning and continuing education to ensure that older persons have the chance to acquire digital skills? 2. In what ways can we make innovation and technology accessible to older persons so that they don’t miss out on their benefits? 3. How can older persons use innovative technologies to contribute to poverty eradication and the well‐being and prosperity of their societies? 4. How can we develop and disseminate user‐friendly information to assist older persons to respond to the technological demands of everyday life? 


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    • Feb 14, 2019

    Korea sees car accidents involving elderly drivers rising

    In 2017, over 26,000 car accidents in Korea were caused by elderly drivers, a 160% increase from 10,000 cases in 2008. Elderly drivers' cognitive ability may reduce to the point where they take almost twice as much time to respond to unexpected situations than younger people. In response, the government shortened the license renewal period for over-65s from five years to three years. At the time of the renewal, elderly drivers are required to take two hours of safety education. Besides the mandatory measures, some local authorities are encouraging elderly drivers to voluntarily turn in their driver's license. However, without legal obligations or some financial incentives, as of 2017, fewer than 5,000 elderly drivers had done so.
    Fatal crashes involving elderly drivers on the rise in Japan - The Japan Times more info

    • Feb 14, 2019

    Singapore seeks to empower seniors to stay healthy, age in place

    The Ministry of Health (MOH) in Singapore is strengthening efforts to empower seniors, stay healthy and active, and evolve new models of aging in place. Besides empowering seniors, Dr. Amy Khor, the Minister of State for the MOH, said the government wants to provide seniors with opportunities for personal development and community participation. She also spoke of expanding the reach of preventive health services to seniors in the community. For new models of aging in place, Khor said the Build-Own-Lease framework and funding model for nursing homes will continue to be reviewed to ensure residents can access appropriate care at affordable fees. One model includes Care Close to Home, which is offered at 15 sites across Singapore, serving more than 3,500 clients. Under the program, seniors in rental flats can be cared for while continuing to live in their own homes. People from nearby senior activity centers provide help for daily activities, while monitoring the seniors' medical conditions. more info

    • Feb 14, 2019

    Technology helps make aging in place possible around the world

    In Japan, the elderly take exercise classes led by a robot and assisted living communities also have devices to help staff members avoid getting back injuries. Japan's aging population is driving innovation that will affect numerous industries. Silicon Valley is providing smart technology for the globe, such as Alexa, which keeps older adults connected to family members and can retrieve products for seniors by vocal command. Other advancements include medical alert wristbands designed to detect falls, wall-mounted cameras, software algorithms, voice-assisted emergency aid and medication reminders. more info

    • Feb 13, 2019

    Canada's Comox Valley 'dementia village' to follow Dutch example

    The "dementia village" is expected to be built on the 17-acre site of the existing St. Joseph's Hospital. It will follow the Dutch model for senior care, modeled after a dementia village in De Hogeweyk, Netherlands. Features include smaller households for seniors sharing a bond with one another and will be designed to allow residents to go outside as much as they prefer. more info

    • Feb 13, 2019

    Korea's LG U+ offers IPTV for elderly watchers

    LG U+ is offering internet protocol TV (IPTV) for the elderly, following a similar offering for youth, introduced in 2018. For the health platform, LG U+ created original videos in partnership with doctors from Seoul National University Hospital, said Lee Geon-yeong, a VP at the home and media product unit of LG U+. The travel platform gathered documentaries, TV programs and YouTube videos and organized the programs by country, so viewers can easily access information about travel destinations, as the internet offers too much information not based on facts, said Lee. 
    'Smart' restaurants challenge for elderly - Korea Herald more info

    • Feb 13, 2019

    Singaporean graduates start eldercare products company

    Graduates Vanessa Keng and Chang Xi are running an e-commerce store, The Golden Concepts, which curates eldercare products for Singaporeans seeking to maintain their independence. As the company grew, Keng and Zi wished to differentiate their firm from others offering similar products. They did so by focusing on independence and mobility rather than rehabilitative and medical equipment. They also take opportunities to adapt to the local market, such as designing their walking cane brand when elderly clients in Singapore complained standard canes were too long. more info

    • Feb 13, 2019

    Finland to overhaul elderly services act before next election

    Annika Saarikko, the Minister of Social Services and Family Affairs, stated the public debate on elderly care has drawn attention to many worrying aspects. One of the questions at the core of the debate is staff dimensioning. One political party has expressed its support for introducing binding staffing requirements for nursing homes and residential care units across the country. The current act recommends facilities include one nurse for every two patients. Saarikko said the sufficiency of the staffing guidelines will be weighed as part of the legislative project. more info

    • Feb 13, 2019

    Older adults, low-wage, temporary workers falling behind in training: OECD

    An OECD report reveals technologies, globalisation and population aging are changing the quantity and quality of jobs as well as the skills they require. Providing better skilling and re-skilling opportunities for workers affected by these changes is essential to make sure the future works for all. The report recommends nations:

    • Improve coverage and inclusiveness by promoting the benefits of adult learning and providing targeted support for older adults, the low skilled, the unemployed and migrants;
    • Align training more closely with labor market needs and design programs targeting adults whose skills are likely to become obsolete in the future;
    • Improve the quality and effectiveness of training; and
    • Ensure adequate public financing and incentives for employers to contribute through training levies and tax incentives, as well as encouraging individuals through subsidies and paid training leave.
    more info

    • Feb 12, 2019

    Japanese robotics firm to offer service robots to provide daily assistance for elderly

    Japan-based startup Mira Robotics sees the business opportunity to offer service robots that can give daily assistance for the elderly and infirm. Ugo household service consists of a remote control robot which can take clothes out of the washing machine, put them in a laundry basket, place them on a drying rack and fold them. It operates using three cameras, a microphone and speaker. more info

    • Feb 12, 2019

    European durable medical equipment market to reach $55.4B by 2024: Report

    According to a report (pur. req.), the European durable medical equipment (DME) market growth is being driven by the rising prevalence of chronic diseases and lifestyle associated disorders, surging geriatric population, and increase in number of surgeries and recipients for long term care. The DME market is expected to reach $55.4 billion by 2024. Furthermore, the increasing preference toward home care facilities is anticipated to drive the demand for DME in Europe, making it the fastest growing category in this market, at a CAGR of 8.1% during the forecast period. more info


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