AARP International

Marissa Bane Malta
Project Analyst 

In her current role, Marissa sits on the Global Thought Leadership teams within the Policy, Research and International department. As an analyst for the two teams, Marissa works on innovative projects and programs that include coordinating, maintain and participate in internal and external policy initiatives and relationships. In addition to assisting and leading on relationships and projects, Marissa is able to learn from top experts in the fields of healthcare, financial resilience and personal fulfillment along with leading her own work as co-lead on the department’s millennial working group. Marissa leads efforts of the working group that focus on the millennial cohort at the micro and macro levels and works to infuse this cohort into new and ongoing research projects. Early in her position, Marissa was able to help AARP secure as a participate in the UN Global Compact.

As a graduate of American University with a Master’s in Public Policy and an alumni of DePaul University, with a BS in Economics and a BA in Arabic Studies, Marissa is dedicated herself to her three passions: Academics, Service and Public Policy. As someone who commits all her energy to every project, she is a true leader in her community and the work she does at AARP. Having these degrees in separate fields, not only helps her better understand the business world but the global world. Marissa lives in Washington D.C. with her dog, Scotch, in the southwest neighborhood.