The Future of Nursing: Transforming Health Care

“We need health care professionals who are better prepared to care for people with multiple chronic conditions in all settings.”
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Global Aging and the New World of Work

“..we all become caught in a giant feedback loop; the aging of the world accelerates globalization and globalization stokes the aging of the world.”
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Active Aging: Good for Older People, Good for Society,

“Enabling people to stay active as they grow older and to continue contributing to society is key to tackling the challenge of demographic aging.”
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Medical Tourism: Closing the International Health Care Gap

“Medical travel has influenced how top health care providers view potential clients, because competition for patients is no longer based only on proximity but also on services, measurable outcomes, and costs.”
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Older People on the Edge

“We are leading efforts to lobby health service providers and governments to ensure a healthy old age by supporting older people to manage chronic illness."
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The Brazilian Social Security System — A Peaceful Revolution

“The fact that 28 million Brazilians have escaped from poverty in the past eight years and 39 million people have risen to the middle class is one of the main reasons for our great economic development in recent times.”
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The Irish Age-Friendly County Programme

“The current generation, especially the “older old,” have a critical role to play in alerting us to what that planning needs to take account of, if we herald their role as the “ambassadors from the future,” the ”canaries in the coal mine.”
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Women as Economic Drivers

“…integrating women into our economies can yield a broad range of economic gains from increased profits, productivity gains, better corporate leadership, and more efficient utilization of all of our resources and talents.”
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Volunteer at Any Age: Peace Corps Service Satisfying Transition into Retirement

I can’t imagine a better transition into the retirement years of my life than Peace Corps service. I was able to play to my strengths and provide myself with a most rewarding experience.
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